Mental health is the cornerstone of all our medical care needs. Without excellent mental health care we cannot have a healthy body, spirit and soul. Many different mental health issues affect our bodies directly and can have severe consequences to our physical health and wellbeing.  Mental illnesses affect men and women differently due to hormonal influences, differences in our bodies as well as our worldviews.  Each person is unique and has different psychological, biochemical and spiritual needs.  At times people wait too long to receive treatment because they feel the problem is solely a physical issue or it is not culturally acceptable to see a mental health provider.  The earlier an individual is diagnosed and treated the faster recovery can take place.  This is why it is crucial for individuals to seek treatment as early as possible. 

Psychotherapy + Tele•Psychotherapy


Psychotherapy is an important piece of the support system of overall mental health and wellbeing. All types of therapy are important depending on the mental health need: including individual therapy, couples therapy, and family therapy. Since, as individuals, we do not live in isolation, it is essential to address the relationship dynamics from all angles. 

Tele-psychotherapy is a unique service offered with the objective of  providing  convenient mental health evaluations, medicine checks, and therapy sessions when an in-person session is not an option. To learn more about our Telepsychotherapy services please submit an information request from the contact page, or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you, and we're eager to help. 

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Medication Management


Both psychotherapy and medication management are important for treating most types of mental health care needs including mood disorders (bipolar disorder and depression as well as postpartum depression), anxiety disorders (generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorders and obsessive compulsive disorders), attention deficit disorders, psychotic disorders including postpartum psychosis, addictive disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders, and other types of mental health care needs.

Psychological Testing


Psychological testing is important for both children and adults in order to decipher any learning disabilities or other childhood concerns and can also be very helpful in analyzing the most effective way a person learns information.  Psychological testing can also be helpful in assessing a person’s personality type and how one thinks.